About Dr. Money

Women’s Psychological Services was founded by Dr. Kristy Money–the Fertility Shrink–as a safe space for women.  I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Brigham Young University, and in 2010-2011 I was a Post-Doctoral Fellow for Clinical and Support Options, a community mental health center and network of clinics in the serene Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.  My dissertation focused on suicide prevention within marginalized groups, my honors thesis on Jungian applications to group psychotherapy for women.   My emphasis in study and clinical work is centered in women’s issues.  I want to provide resources, reflection, and hope for women going through a diversity of life issues, from infertility,  loss, anxiety during pregnancy, coping with trauma, depression, finding meaning, career/individual/family balancing, sexuality, body image, transition to parenthood, and relationships.

You are welcome to post a reply at any time to a topic you are interested in, or email me with a question or situation you would like insight into.  I will be happy to reply with an anonymous “Ask the Founder” post answering your question in detail, with complete confidentiality maintained.  Your name will of course be withheld and any/all identifying information be disguised in your question.   This site (and the facebook page) are also designed to facilitate discussion and understanding between individuals, so your participation with others in the community is valuable and encouraged.  Please see the recommended links page for online resources in women’s health, including professional societies and psychoeducational sites.


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