In-Home Behavioral Assessments

Now that you have your bundle of joy, becoming a new parent can be very challenging. Whether it is your first, or your older children are having a hard time adjusting to the new arrival, counseling support can be helpful to anyone feeling overwhelmed.  Very practical tools from a psychologist can help you diagnose problems and implement new strategies, and monitor them over time for results.

I was trained in Massachusetts as a Postdoctoral Fellow to conduct In-Home Behavioral Assessments for children and families.   I offer these services to clients, whether in person or by satellite.   Such as assessment includes multiple interviews to pinpoint the problematic behavior in your child you wish to change (up to 4 target behaviors), and then multiple observations either in person for local clients, or via skype/facetime/webcam monitoring of your child’s everyday activities to observe the behavior and the setting in which it occurs. This report, customized to your child, will provide all the parenting support you’ll need.  I will also interview your child, depending on age.  Once I have collected this data, I will write a 5-8 page Child Assessment Report detailing a plan to stop these problem behaviors, with specific tools and research-proven methods to improve your child’s behavior.  Included will be 3 follow-up sessions to monitor continuing behavior and adjust the behavioral assessment accordingly as your child progresses.   Please contact me for assessment pricing.


I am also trained to provide intelligence testing, neuropsychological testing, as well as assessment for learning disorders, Autism Spectrum, and ADHD–for children, adolescents, and adults.


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