Many women of all ages don’t understand what keeps them from having the relationship they want. They may spend time in relationships that are not beneficial to them, date aimlessly or not date at all. Often, women do not realize the power they have in a relationship. They may feel helpless to improve aspects of the relationship that are not working and unprepared to leave in order to find someone who is right for them.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety are often associated with relationship difficulties. It may be difficult to determine which came first – the pattern of intermittent depression, or the difficulty with relationships.

Therapy can help women build skills in emotional tolerance and communication, identify relationship pitfalls, understand the influence of personal history, clarify their relationship needs and ameliorate depressive symptoms.

Faith transitions can rock the foundations of a couple’s relationship, if one or both are re-examining their faith.  An individual’s relationship to their faith community can also be helpful to talk about in therapy for those undergoing a faith transition.  Such a life transition is common but can led to distressing symptoms (akin to an adjustment disorder), that therapy (either couples or individual sessions) can alleviate.  You don’t have to go through a faith transition alone.




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