Services Offered for Doctors and Fertility Clinics

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a consultation for your practice or clinic. I offer the following services:

Program evaluation consulting to fertility clinics on best practices to conform with ASRM standards.

I can offer the following Therapy Groups or informational group sessions to your patients at your clinic in person or via a Hangout on Air (live with viewer participation and later recorded), or other groups tailored to your specific clinic’s needs:

1. 10 Session Mind-Body Fertility Series (research-proven to alleviate current mental health symptoms and increase fertility rates: 55% pregnancy rate for treatment group vs 20% control group)
2. General Infertility Support Group
3. Relaxation Training
4. Fertility and Mental Health 101
5. Coping over the Holidays
6. Overcoming IVF Treatment Stress
7. Setting Appropriate Boundaries with Family/Friends
8. Self-Care and Fertility

Within-the-hour, free mini-crisis management session  (phone call or facetime session for apple/iphone users) to patients who come in for a prenatal ultrasound ~ but no heartbeat is seen. It is crucial when patients receive such unexpected devastating news, to have at least a few minutes to talk, make a plan as to how they can cope over the next few days and learn how to deal with the reactions of others. I have published on bereavement research, and wrote my dissertation that consisted of interviewing loved ones of suicide victims, and am trained to offer such services to your patients.

Psychological Testing for patients


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